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Z-Wave gateway compatibility comparison.

There are a lot of different Z-Wave gateways that you can buy for your smart home, some better than others. While design and interfaces do a lot to set different gateways apart, the amount of different Z-Wave devices a gateway is compatible with is potentially its best feature. Without broad device compatibility, you're limited in just how good and how smart your connected home can really be.

To help you compare different Z-Wave hubs and software, Allinki maintains the following list of Z-wave devices and the gateways that support them.

Product Name Fibaro Vera Zipato Piper
Doorbell Gen5_ZW056
Door / Window Sensor 2E_DSB29
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5_ZW089
Siren Gen5_ZW080
Z-stick Gen5_ZW090
Z-stick S2_DSA02203
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5_ZW078
Led Bulb_ZW098
Smart Switch 6_ZW096
Water Sensor_DSB45
Touch Panel For Micro_AL001 (not Z-wave Device)
Micro Double Smart Switch_DSC17103
Smart Strip_DSC11
Smart Film Hub_DSC113
Smart Energy Switch_DSC06106
Smart Energy Illuminator_DSC08101
Smart Dimmer 6_ZW099
Micro Motor Controller_DSC14104
Smart Dimmer 2E_DSC25
Compatible   Incompatible   Untested  
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